New Vehicle Livery

25 August 2017

We recently decided to change the appearance of our vehicles with an updated livery.  The black livery has been around since about 2003 and was loved by many, but several of our customers thought it resembled a hearse!

The Tiger has been part of 'Ellen Smith's for many years - thought originally to be copied from a cigarette card in the 1930's and also linked with the purchase of Leyland Tiger Cub vehicles.

It was decided that the 2003 tiger was still very contemporary as was the 'Ellen Smith' logo which is written in 'Choc' script.

As more of our coaches are now hired to us we also needed a design that was easy to apply to vehicles and in due time remove.  As such the black base was a problem as there's a significant cost in spraying a coach black and then back to white - the standard stock colour.

We asked our brochure producers - who come up with some stunning designs for our front cover to let us have some ideas.  The large Tiger's head was chosen and then procdced and fitted by Nigel of coach designs of Wigan.

The pictures show the intricate task of fitting all the elements of the head together - we're pleased with the results, we hope you are too.

Watch for more vehicles bearing the new Ellen smith Livery.


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